Islamic Apartheid Week

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by Sara Dogan, David Horowitz Freedom Center 

Students across the nation will strike a blow at the brutal hegemony of radical Islam this semester by joining the David Horowitz Freedom Center in organizing the first national Islamic Apartheid Week on their campuses during the week of December 3-7, 2012.

For years, left-wing campus groups have falsely derided Israel, the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, as an “apartheid state.” But it is the Islamic-controlled regimes of the Middle East and Africa where modern-day apartheid truly flourishes.

This bigotry takes many forms including the subjugation of women; genital mutilation; sanctioned honor killings; the repression and killing of non-Muslims; child and sexual enslavement of non-Muslims, and the death sentence for apostates. Yet these insidious violations of human rights are barely discussed, let alone addressed in the mainstream media and on college campuses. Women’s Studies Departments in particular are inexplicably silent about the oppression of women in Islam. Islamic Apartheid Week will put an end to this communications blackout by focusing on two main themes: Islamic oppression of women and gays, and Islamic bigotry against other religions, particularly Christianity and Judaism.

To raise awareness of these horrors of Islamic apartheid, the Freedom Center will assist students in hosting panel discussions and keynote events featuring speakers such as Nonie Darwish, who grew up behind the veil in Egypt, and Simon Deng, a Christian who was enslaved by Muslims in the Sudan when he was a child. These events will also feature experts on radical Islam including David Horowitz, Wafa Sultan, Robert Spencer, Amil Imani, Raymond Ibrahim, David Meir-Levi, and Ephraim Karsh.

The Freedom Center will support the testimony and views of these outstanding speakers by providing students with pamphlets, flyers, and films highlighting the various human rights abuses sanctioned under Sharia law and describing the ways in which these forms of apartheid are standard operating procedure in most Muslim Arab nations and Iran.

Among the materials that the Freedom Center will make available FREE to students are the groundbreaking new film Unmasked: Judeophobia which examines the growth of worldwide anti-Semitism and the dangers it poses for us all, as well as its own production, A Genocidal Campaign, which outlines the battle being waged on North American campuses between the supporters of a genocidal Islamist anti-Israel campaign and the defenders of Israel and free societies.

Additionally, the Center will release a series of flyers to be posted on college campuses on the theme “Faces of Islamic Apartheid” which will feature victims persecuted by Muslim regimes and will work with students to theatrically reenact some of the most egregious crimes perpetrated in Islamic regimes such as the whipping and stoning of women and homosexuals.

Anti-Israel groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students Association have it half right. There is apartheid in the Middle East; it’s just that it’s being practiced by Muslims, not Jews. It is this truth that Islamic Apartheid Week will drive home by presenting authentic voices and indisputable testimony from those who have lived and studied Islamic oppression.

Students and others interested in learning more or in bringing Islamic Apartheid Weeks to their campuses may visit our campaign website at and take a look at the Student Guide to holding Islamic Apartheid Week Events or “Like” our campaign Facebook page. To book a speaker or order materials today, contact Jeffrey at 818-849-3470, ext. 206 or at [email protected].

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