Chairman of the LNCC Says Romney Should Call Obama’s Bluff

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by Richard Thompson, Hillsdale College

The Obama administration’s smear campaign against Republican candidate Mitt Romney has become desperate.  The latest attack comes from Democratic Party puppet Harry Reid, who claims that Romney has not paid his taxes for the past ten years.  But could there be a method to this madness? Is it President Obama who actually has something to hide?  Wayne Allyn Root, Chairman of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee, thinks so.

“[T]he reason for this baseless attack is clear- make Romney defend, so not only is he ‘off message’ but it helps the media ignore the real Obama scandal, ” Root wrote in an August 6th opinion piece for

This scandal, according to Root, revolves around Obama’s college records.  Root is an ’83 graduate of Columbia University where President Obama claims to have attended graduate school. It is interesting to note that Root along with 400 of his classmates do not recall Obama during their four years at Columbia.  Regardless of the implications of this statement, Root believes that the president could be keeping his record hidden for a number of reasons.

Root speculates that Obama’s records may not only show that he rarely went to class and received unsatisfactory grades but may also raise questions about his citizenship. It is known that Barack Obama was raised in Indonesia during most of his youth, but there is an uncertainty as to whether or not he was reinstated as an American citizen. Root suspects that he was not and was admitted to Columbia as a foreign exchange student.

“It’s time for Mitt to go on the attack and call Obama’s bluff,” Root concluded his article. If Romney is going to stand a chance in November then he needs to go on the offensive and call Obama out for his inconsistencies. America needs a transparent president, and for this to happen, both candidates need to come clean about their pasts. As the campaign controversies continue to arise, I think it will be revealed that Obama has a lot more to hide than meets the eye.

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